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PRICE, CLEANLINESS, LOCATION, SECURITY, FACILITIES & AMENITIES, these are very popular aspects for evaluating hotel accommodation:
As a hotel guest, it is also hit one’s mind to stay in a cool hotel in Bangkok, good location, best deal price and decent accommodation, isn't it ?


Now the hotel provides free internet access in the public area with PC and pay internet time in-room, free for deluxe and super deluxe stay.
40MB WiFi speed is bought from internet provider, re- wiring and router access points fitted. The telephone land line is presently on the re-wiring procedure all through cottages area.

Airport pick up transfer and drop off is provided and complimentary for packages prepaid or group booking. Visit for guide packages and prepaid coupons or just email then inform your wish and credit card number for better deals (no extra credit card fee charge on you).
The Bangkok hotel first intention to serve senior citizens or for the aged aspect of cottages construction feature and furnishing is yet to maintain. Physical challenged guests are welcome.
The Thai massage and spa still under rearrange for new management.


Feel at ease to keeping the hotel features and services up to The Hotel Standard Foundation criteria for the last 10 years and onwards is Bangkok Rama task as it is the only hotel which is the Thai Hotel Association(THA) member and bear The Green Leaf Foundation rewarded hotel in the area. May I say, that these qualities all are up to the hotel revenue to maintain the hotel motto "Quality Service for Your Satisfaction". Only officially stated as "BANGKOK HOTELS" in Suan-Luang district, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Our rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable and have all necessary amenities required. We also provide excellent security service... Unique tropical gardens with floral and fauna walk ways surrounding 117 well appointed cottages, an idyllic stay that will call you back again and again... Indulge yourself with a Body massage; it is a haven of tranquility that offers a full range of holistic treatments for both men & women... An Internet café offering lots of choices of coffee/ tea/ drinks, delicious cakes, a fantastic gift shop and a great eBay enterprise, plus much more!!...
Bangkok Rama Hotel : 1546 Pattanakarn Road, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250 Tel: 662 722 6602-5 Fax: 662 722 6612 Email:
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